Custom Myspace Music Player

Music invigorates the soul. From pop to rock music, there are just too many songs that you can listen to depending on your favorite genre, artist and type of music. MyTunesLive allows you to have a custom music player. Wherever you go, anytime and anywhere, listen to your favorite song. With our platform, you can easily customize your music player. Create a nice playlist that suits your music style, mood and preference. Whether you are using a computer to access your music player or a mobile device, you can now listen to any song. Listen to music while you are reading a book and drinking coffee made from  an espresso machine visit.

The site has a huge library and collection of any song that you want. You can either listen to the full version or you can instantly add it in your music playlist. Premium members can also upload songs.

MyTunesLive is not just a music site where you can search songs, create a playlist and listen to songs online. It is also connected with social networking sites like Myspace, and it can also allow you to stream your music in your entire house. Chose your music playlist and stream it online and to any of your music devices, then get back to your kitchen and learn commercial vacuum sealers reviews for the right choice of unit. You can also use your Myspace details to log-in on the site. is still the easiest way to upload your mp3 files and create a custom myspace music playlist.